Football video of 16 on the field!

Week 4 Pig Pen Inductee: Jacob Alsadek of Torrey Pines H.S..

Click on the link above to watch the video!

OK, that’s a bit of a teaser headline 🙂

(note: this post is in lieu of a game report form Friday night since the team lost 2-0 and 16 didn’t even step on the field)

The video is a feature that was done this weekend for 16’s teammate who is a standout high school offensive lineman who was heavily recruited by colleges last year. He’s a great kid who 16 truly likes. The reason I am featuring this video is because in the clips that were taken during the practice at the high school, #78 had to show off his blocking skills, right? Because that is what he does.

So here’s a test.

Watch the video at the link and then come back here and tell me how many times the BIGGEST player on the team ends up blocking the SMALLEST player on the team (#18).

And yes, #18 is our guy. AKA Mighty Mite to his team mates 🙂

Here’s a quick screen shot from the video:

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