October 1

Yes, I am going to attempt a post a day in October.

It’s a good month for it. Football games, the last race of the season, a week off later in the month and hopefully the actual arrival of Fall weather (any day now please – today is another scorcher!)

I need the distraction this week because for the first time ever I will not be attending the August moms reunion. I just can’t handle missing any Friday Night Lights games! Plus, last year even though the gathering was right here, I still missed the Thursday night JV game and that happened to be the one when 16 sustained his first concussion.

In celebration – he sustained another one last week šŸ˜¦ Not quite a year later – this time in practice and it is a lot milder than last time but…yeah…he’s only playing high school football for these next two years and I just don’t want to travel during them anymore. Ironically of course, he wont be playing this weekend so I *could* have traveled, but…..too late and anyhow I still LOVE going to the games whether he plays or not. This past game was Homecoming and the halftime show alone was so worth it as the entire squad of cheerleaders (Freshman, JV & Varsity) put together a pretty spectacular routine. Plus, the team won 44-0! Quite the turnaround from the week before. Of course, the shame of THAT is that 16 would have easily played most of the 4th quarter had he not been sidelined by the concussion – rats!!

Anyway it is still strange not to be preparing to travel. And I will very much miss seeing all my dear friends.

In fullĀ disclosureĀ – some of the daily posts may turn up on the political site since this IS a rather big month in the election cycle. And I promised my facebook friends that I would stop littering my time line there with election posts so I will need the outlet.

Prepare for a month of Rocktober Daily Boredom! :-))




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  1. I FaceTimed with the group tonight. It helped a lot. I’m worried about 16, though. I hope you’ll consider setting up a 504 for him while he’s recovering from the concussion.


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