Oct 12 – Pardon my French, but I need this book


This went flying around on Facebook and what I want to know is – how do these things pop up JUST when I need them?

Because what had just happened when I logged in and saw this?

I had just realized that I didn’t pack a lunch and would have to spend unnecessary money at the cafeteria unless I was willing to drive home to get food. Which I wasn’t since I needed to leave early to get Son #1 to an appointment. Also? The selections on the menu were not spectacular. Chicken + Rice in a wild mushroom sauce (I hate mushrooms) or wheat pasta with veggies. Healthy yes, but appetizing? Tasty?No.

Then I kept getting interrupted while preparing a reconciliation. The interruptions were from someone who was waiting for the information FROM said reconciliation. Which I couldn’t complete. Because he kept bugging me! (of course, I could have ignored the emails for 30 minutes but….yeah…see that book title?)

Then when I finally finished it and went to post a $10 million entry, I borked it up. Had to back it out and repost. Double work. Yay!

That was all before noon.

So when I saw this cartoon I said “Oh, hell yes – THIS, right now!”

Someone commented that if this book existed it should be required reading in high school.

Truth – it would sure be a ton more useful than Gatsby šŸ˜‰


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  1. So, what did you have for lunch? Go over to The Need to Feed to find another ridiculously easy and tasty crockpot recipe that will leave you enough leftovers for a yummy lunch.


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