Oct 11 – I do believe it is finally Fall!

(Pictures taken on the way into work on Wednesday morning)

I know, according to the calendar it has *been* Fall.

But, if you are a regular reader you know that there has been a lot of whining around here about the long, long, hot, humid summer temps we’ve had from June-now. Very unusual.

However, I went out for a run after work on Tuesday and dare I say it? I was actually a little bit cold at first! Damn that’s refreshing!

Then there’s the colors. No, not the leaves on the trees (though yes, we do have a few that change here)…no…it’s the ocean. When Fall finally arrives, it is a different color. So is the sky. There is just an extra SNAP or SPARKLE or crispness in the air.

And it’s beautiful.

Yes, there are ominous clouds, but those were gone by mid-day and it was rather warm again, but not oppressively hot. The sun was hot, but the air was still crisp.


A storm is supposed to arrive on Thursday night. Yes, actual rain! Oh, that will be fantastic!


Of course, it will soon be time to Fall Back with our clocks and then I will lose even the little bit of after work daylight I have to run right now. I’m sure I will whine about that.

Of course, it will soon be so cold that I will, by default, whine about THAT too 🙂

But for now, I will savor these last few days of waning summer length daylight and pleasantly cool fall temps.

And a commute that makes it REALLY hard to keep on driving UP that hill and into my basement level office.

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