Oct 16 – Sights and sounds of the basement

Not much going on. One more week of work and then I will take some time off since I didn’t get to go on the August mom’s trip and I need to turn in some vacation time before the holidays. You know it will be New Year’s tomorrow, right?

Anyhow, I am sure this will seem like the Longest Week Ever so I’m trying to take note of the little things that are…well..unique..about this place without getting into too much trouble 🙂

Here’s what I have around me:

  1. The Whistler
  2. The Desk Sitter
  3. The Maniacal Laugher

The whistler is, I assume, self explanatory other than to clarify that he is simply whistling to music vs blasting out cat calls :-0  Still – it’s the person who sits closest to me and…wow does it get irritating!

I just noticed the desk sitter today. I think I had seen her in the past lean UP onto a desk – propping one leg up and leaning to look over the shoulder of the actual desk occupant to view their monitor. I suppose that’s not too unusual when you need to look at something together – though I usually just stand back or else pull up a chair…. but today – she was completely sitting on the end of a desk. Both feet dangling. Like a little girl. Which was odd because she’s older than me and is a department manager!

The laugher is scary. She is quite a bit down the way from me so I cannot imagine how bad it is working in her immediate area. I don’t actually know for sure who it is, though I have a suspicion based on the direction. All I know is when she goes off, it is neither mirthful nor infectious. It’s just downright frightening and I am not exaggerating when I say it creeps me out to the point of chills down my spine.

One thought on “Oct 16 – Sights and sounds of the basement

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  1. Tee-hee… I’m not in a cubicle, but my ONE co-worker who is near me has the following habits: gum-popping, loudly, in a row… pop-pop-pop-pop-pop! Kinda drives me up a wall sometimes, though I try to laugh it off (not always successfully). She also likes to spray body sprays and hair sprays on herself throughout the day… Some of her stronger scents do bother me more than others, I must say. She has a tendency to blurt things out, which is usually more humorous than not. She is constantly checking her cell phone and texting, which can be annoying at times (though I do check mine too, just not as much) 🙂

    Nice… thanks for letting me vent! 🙂 “Unique” is a good word for it all…

    Oh, in a former life, I used to have a toenail-clipper nearby… THAT was downright nasty!


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