Oct 17 – Improvement!


Much better, yes? 16’s concussion symptom scores were still in the low 20’s a week ago, but they finally started dropping down into the teens around the 10th and then Monday saw a larger drop. We had another checkup with the doctor in the afternoon – these will occur weekly until the doctor can sign off to say he is no longer concussed.

Cognitively he is improving. He took a 45 minute exam in computer science Monday and the only part he couldn’t handle was the section that had been taught the days immediately after the concussion – one day when he stayed home entirely and the other when he was at his worst. The teacher is going to let him re-take those two sections later next week. He read Chapter 8 of Gatsby entirely on his own and answered the chapter questions last night only consulting with me on one of the 11. Much better!

His math teacher is letting him gradually make up the homework assignments he missed and there doesn’t seem to have been a ton of impact on History or Chemistry.

Ironically, while math & computer science grades fell (which he is being allowed to make up), English went UP 🙂

He no longer needs to take pain meds to attend the games because the sound doesn’t make his head hurt worse anymore. He just seems to be carrying around a low grade headache and occasional problems with his balance. That one is funny – in the doctor’s office he had some issue standing on one leg and doing the head to toe walk for 10 steady steps. He was actually better at that at the last visit! But, he said that the balance issues come and go randomly so I guess it was good that he displayed that symptom in the exam room.

Anyway, it’s slower going than last year, but I think that a corner has been turned – keep those fingers crossed!


PS – anyone else noticed something in common this month with The Merry Month of May when I first tried out the daily posts? In May I was obsessed with Chip and his bladder issues. This month we have 16 & his concussion. I may rethink any future plans to do a month of daily posts!! No good for the family’s health ;-/

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