Oct 18 – Meatball Tortellini Soup

Another recurring theme when I commit to daily posts – recipes!

I’ve done something like this before, but could not find it readily when I was making a grocery list the other day so this time I am documenting it here so I can find it wherever I am šŸ™‚

I found this on All Recipes and it is a slight variation from the one I had orginialy used (shared by an August mom I think?!)


I did adapt this a little. For one, I hate buying vegetables more than I need unless I have another recipe on hand to make with the unused portion. So, IĀ substitutedĀ spinach instead of kale which is actually closer to the original recipe I had in mind. Plus, I already had a pack of frozen spinach on hand. I thawed that along with the meatballs.

There is a bit of an ulterior motive here. 16 eats horribly during the day as do most teenagers so I do my best to pack a ton of vegetables into his dinner. Spinach is a favorite of mine to mix in with something. He notices, whines, and eats it šŸ™‚

This is a bit more effort than I normally make on a week night, but it wasn’t so bad.

Obligatory photo of assembled ingredients.


Yes, I forgot until I had already started chopping veggies – whatever!

Can you smell that? Onions & garlic in butter


I wanted the first step to last forever – it smells so damn good! Any recipe that starts with “sautee onions & garlic in melted butter” is a winner in my book.

After that it is basically just a matter of dumping in everything except the meatballs and tortellini and bringing it to a boil. I cleaned up while that was happening because well..everyone knows a watched pot never boils, plus, there is no way I have the patience to stand there!

Boiling – see the bubbles on the edge – mmmmmm.


That’s it! It is a very very filling soup. It’s tempting to serve with bread but it really doesn’t need it and would just be almost too much. Yes, it’s a lot of food even feeding all three of us, but it’s a fabulous leftover and I will be bringing it in for lunch tomorrow.

It’s also really really GOOD and savory and a hit with everyone in the house. Maybe I shouldn’t automatically count on those leftovers….



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