Oct 19th – Age is in the eye of the beholder

Back to a Writing Prompt From NaBloPoMo:

At what point in life did you stop trying to look older?

Quite young actually and I only ever did for a very short period of time in order to appease 27’s dad back when I was with him. I was getting my Bachelor’s in Real Estate with an eye to going into doing appraisals and he kept telling me that no one would trust someone who “looks like they are 16”. So I cut my hair shorter and spent every morning blow drying it out and trying to create a professional look.

Once we broke up though, I dropped that whole nonsense! I am, after all, really quite lazy (again, totally understand where 16 gets it!) and spending that much time and effort in the morning was more than I was willing to do!

At what point in life did you start trying to look younger?

Not yet 🙂

If neither are true, talk about looking your age.

So this is where I really feel I identify myself. I’ve never been at all wrapped up in my appearance. I mean, yes, I want to be clean and I want my clothes to match and my hair to be neat and such, but I am utterly WORTHLESS when it comes to style and fashion and I don’t truly care at all.

I colored my hair, permed it, or tried different styles just for fun over the years but then settled on the all one length no color look about ten years ago. Other than occasionally trimming it myself I don’t do anything to it. No covering the grays that are finally starting to spring out, no straightening or blow drying or curling (it has it’s own). In fact, I LOVE it when I see a totally silver haired lady – especially if it is longer like mine. That’s what I aspire to.

I mean, let’s be real – my hair is going to GO gray and then stay that way, I might as well make that my ultimate goal, right? I’m sure to reach it without any effort! (lazy, see?)

But I’ve also honestly never given a rats ass about age. It’s a number – and so? People who freak out about their age confound me. Honey, is there one damn thing you can do to change it? No? Then – seems to me you are creating drama and angst where none should be, right?

Every day you wake up is a day to be grateful and every year that you live is a year to count as an accomplishment. Yes, there are bad days, but that you survive them to move forward into a more joyous space is again – something to be proud of.

Now, what is funny about this prompt is that here is the Facebook status I posted earlier this week:

“One of life’s ironies: I wore pretty much full makeup every day when I was much younger and didn’t need it. Now that I am much older and some days really do need it? Almost never.”

Going back to being lazy – I have reduced my makeup application routine to light foundation and sometimes eyeliner. I used to apply the full regime (though not always eye shadow) every work day. Now my lips only ever have chapstick on them, I don’t own mascara, blush or eye shadow and while I do have regular lipstick I haven’t worn it in ages. I also used to get my nails done every two weeks and I dropped that several years ago for time and budget reasons.

I do still paint my toe nails for the summer 🙂

How would you answer these questions?

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