Oct 20 – The Roller Coaster Ride of Life Continues

Following up on the stolen car from the Oct 13th post – they found it!!

My parent’s got the call from the police in the wee hours of the morning Friday am and were able to go pick it up from where it had been abandoned. Which was just one exit up the road from where it was stolen. Other than the license plates being removed, the car is fine. Intact. Nothing broken. Probably used for some drug running or who knows what for the last week and then left there when they were done with it.

So – YAY!

Also, this week’s Friday Night Lights Game was MUCH better with a 24-7 Falcons win over a team that was actually sloppier than our own can be 😉 But, you have to beat those teams when they hand you the opportunity and they did.


My vacation week officially begins now. Lot’s of appointments and busy work errands will be handled. Hopefully I’ll get to just put my feet up at least one of the days.


My neighbor who I share a wall with (duplex) has been having her side painted and we are splitting the cost for the front of both to be painted so it doesn’t look out of balance. While doing the job, the painters have found signs – bad signs – of termites. Not that we didn’t know about this since the area is notorious for the little buggers and the duplex behind ours just had their place tented.

So now, after fence replacement all around, and painting of the front, I have to figure out how to pay for termite treatment 😦


I was talking to 16’s dad about it at the game and he mentioned an option to check into instead of just automatically tenting the place and having to clear out (humans and cats) for 2 days.

Does anyone know anything about orange oil treatments for termites?

Since I’m off work I’ll do some research on this but if anyone has any personal experience, I would love to hear it.

2 thoughts on “Oct 20 – The Roller Coaster Ride of Life Continues

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  1. We have big termite problems in this area, too, but I have never heard of orange oil. Maybe The Man will buy you termite treatment for Xmas this year. Totally unromantic, I know.


    1. Yeah – already decided that he has to cover this for me 🙂 But…now I am exploring other options to avoid leaving the house.I swear the thought of finding a place to go with the cats and then thinking about everything being covered in the spray seems harder to swallow than they money!


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