I am SUCH an only child!

Why do I state this?

Because the best way for me to regain some semblance of sanity when I am feeling anxious over being in limbo..or stressed…or in any way out of sorts….the BEST thing I can do for myself is get as far away from people as possible.

It doesn’t have to be for long, but it needs to just BE.

So today since I had a mid-day appointment with the final exterminator, I decided I didn’t want the hassle of driving back and forth from work. So I took the day off.

I still got up at 6am and listened to the radio show I like.

But instead of going to work, I drove down to the local trail.

And I ran.

No music, no more radio show, just me, my breathing, my thoughts and the trail.

I initially thought I might run for 3 miles. But about 1 mile in I decided on 5. The temperature was perfect. I’d planned ahead and drank plenty of water and ate some energy beans for breakfast #1 so I knew I was prepared nutritionally to just go. So, I did.

I ran slow – 12 min miles. But I never stopped. Up and down one end of the trail and the other and part way back again to reach the 5 miles total almost exactly at the 60 minute mark.


My brain churned over and walked through and then let go of all the crap.

And my feet kept churning along too.

I genuinely smiled and said good morning to everyone I met on the trail (and for 8am on a Wednesday there was quite a lot of trail traffic!) I took note of every bird and lizard and rabbit that crossed my path. I inhaled as I passed the bales of hay – twice!

As much as I love running with my friends there are just days when, well, I NEED to run alone.

At the 5 mile mark I was feeling my left knee tighten at the t-band and it still does feel sore even after stretching and rolling. It’ll be fine. We have regular 8 mile Sunday morning runs starting this weekend and I wanted to be ready. After not running in 10 days and that last run being rather horrid, I really needed something before Sunday to know I could keep up.

After the run, I went up to Starbucks, ordered Breakfast #2 and then…I sat down in a big leather chair in the shop and just relaxed.

Sipped my gingerbread latte. Ate my breakfast sandwich. Scrolled through twitter on my phone. People watched.

Almost and hour…just sitting. And being.

And pardon my french, but damn that was so fucking amazing and necessary!!!

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