See, this is why I don’t like people

I will be the first person to look back at the last 2.5 months and say, yeah…I’ve not been as consistent as I would have liked on being at work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

Because I HAD to turn in vacation time so I don’t lose it.

Because I’ve had to take my son to his fair share of doctor’s appointments (quite common during football season really).

Because I’ve had my own appointments and such for both me and the house.

So I’ve taken whole days off or else had to leave early a lot.

I get in every day between 7-8am. I don’t always stay until 5pm, but I also almost never take a lunch break. If I do stay until 5, it was a 9 hour shift. I am not hourly though so those stats are not recorded anywhere.

And yet…

Someone…not my boss…but merely a co-worker/peer…had the nerve to make a snide comment yesterday to the gal who works for me.

“Oh, she’s gone again? Football AGAIN? Must be nice to have a kid to use as an excuse…”

She said this…to a pregnant woman!!

She also said this to someone who is too damn nice and wont ever push back or talk back or say anything remotely to send the signal that she’s been upset.

I’m not nice.

You act like a passive-aggressive bully and do anything to upset any member of my department and I WILL push back.

Because she WAS upset. Enough to tell me about it. And I know that if the person said it to her, she’s made those same snidely comments to others. That’s her way. She’s constantly throwing off “comments” that she thinks are harmless but that are incredibly judgmental and often upsetting.

She doesn’t MEAN anything by it of course…..(right).

So today I told her to stop it. I was angry, yes. I told her if she wanted to know why I wasn’t at my desk that she should ask ME, not my staff. I pointed out that it was maybe not terribly sensitive to tell a mom to be that kids are “an excuse to go home.”

I really wish someone else here had the balls to tell her to shut up. Whatever. I’ll be the bad guy and she’ll be pissed for awhile.

But she also better stay away from my department with her crap.

That happy place I was in after my run yesterday has been poisoned dammit! People! Ugh!

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