Football Dinner


Yeah, this is how the night started out – the current parent liaison gives me this monstrosity to thank me for always volunteering for the little things when he asked. Fine, but I am not doing HIS job (by myself) next year! And now I have to keep this thing for a year. I’m already plotting who to pass it on to next year!

It was a long, but truly fun evening. The senior class of players are just a great group of guys who clearly all got along so well. They all sat up front on a stage with their jerseys draped in front of them at their seats. One by one each coach had players come up so that they could say a few things about them and then give them their varsity letter. Yes, even with all his injuries, 16 earned his letter! Now we get to figure out how to pay for one of those letterman jackets ($$)!

The seniors also had to do parent thank yous. One by one they took the microphone and presented a rose to a parent (usually the mom) and thanked them for the years of support during their youth sports careers. Most were nervous, some were touching (even a rap poem!) and some were truly funny.  What cracked me up was that so many of the boys started off with “This is my mom. She did all my dirty laundry, made me lunch and extra snacks during 2-a days and throughout the football season….”

And I would think “Uh, whoops!” Not being a stay at home mom, I couldn’t even contemplate those things! So it was with great relief when one boy finally got up and said: “This is mom, she didn’t do my laundry – she taught ME how to do it myself!” YAY!!!

16 and I talked about it on the way home and I have a feeling we will have some sort of comedy routine all picked out by this time next year.

I also hope he gets a little bit better about tying a tie – which I cannot do and which he was doing while watching a You Tube video not 5 minutes before we had to leave. So given those extreme efforts that he took, I then had to insist on pictures –




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