More ornaments!




OK, well, just one since I don’t have time for much more, but this seems to The Color right now. When I put events or meetings in my calendar I use a color coded system to organize them by the type of event. Purple happens to be the color I assigned for “Party” and given that it is December, my calendar for the next two weeks (starting tonight) is exploding in PURPLE!

So, here is the prominent purple ornament from the tree. Yes, it really is that big! I love sprinkling some non-conforming colors into my tree. Purples, blues, pinks to brighten up the more traditional red/green/gold/silver patterns. Another one originally from my mom – it’s not quite as old as the first two but it is also probably a good 10-15 years old at this point.

Anyhow, off to the first purple event – 16’s end of year football team party. If I approach him properly I may even get a picture of him and with him tonight – in dress clothes! A tie! A button down shirt! Shhhhhh….keep your fingers crossed that I can pull that off 🙂

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