Fun with termites!



First of all, yes, that is an Andersen Kitty Calendar from Love and Hisses on the wall. The ever Gorgeous Corbie is keeping an eye on the shenanigans for me this month 🙂

So, termite tenting week is here. I spent Sunday cleaning and bagging after spending Saturday getting the backyard prepped. 27 took care of the side and front yards for me and also found me a deal on a nice hotel for the two nights. It’s a team effort around here 🙂 16 had to clean his room and has to pack up all his things and make arrangements to NOT walk home from school for two days.

The cats will be going to their own hotel – aka, our veterinarian’s boarding facility. It means extra cost for me, but it also means 100% peace of mind because then I can go to work and not worry about them cowering in a strange hotel room all alone and risk a random hotel employee ignoring my Do NOT clean the room request and opening the door letting them out.

Plus, I’ll ask the vet to clip those claws and bathe them – oh, they are going to be SO MAD at me!! But, they will also have constant attention as they will be the only cats boarding there this week so they will even get more room than usual.

Oh hey – I ran a personal best 9.14 miles on the San Elijo trails yesterday! It was my last really long trail run until probably mid-Feb so it felt GREAT to do that. Two hours solid, 13 min/mile average which is a nice easy pace. The new camelback the girls gave me for Christmas is perfect for these runs and I think I balanced my energy bean consumption before and during the run just perfectly. No bonking. It was gorgeous out there too, but I didn’t want to stop to take pictures – had to just keep those feet moving no matter how slow!  It was pretty cold at first, but thankfully there was no measurable wind so once the sun broke through it warmed up to a very comfortable running temp.

I have another just for fun K9 5k event close to home on Sunday. Coach Tanja is loaning me one of her dogs. There is some debate about who will be dragging who around 🙂

That’s it from termite land. Well, I should say, soon to be Dead and Gone termite land. It’s time to evict those damn freeloaders!



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