5 minutes of gratitude

On Happify today there was a task that at first I grumbled about a bit in my head. Set a timer, then just do some stream of consciousness writing on what you are grateful for today – just today – anything at all – as simple as there not being traffic in the morning. Nothing profound, could be your that your stapler was full vs empty! So I shook off my momentary annoyance and just did it and this was the result at around noon today:

  • Sirius XM, new shoes, technology allowing me to communicate with my friend running in the Rockies this week, money I inherited that means I don’t have to STRESS about everyday purchases (food/gas/shoes :-)), easygoing co-workers, yoga class last night, an interesting recipe I am excited to try out tonight, funny friends making me laugh, that I am organized enough to make a once a year task fairly painless thanks to saved instructions and samples, that there is a beer in my fridge at home.

Simple enough and turned out to be fun and, hey, it did switch my mindset which had been leaning towards stress and snapped me right out of it. There have been some REALLY good tracks on Happify the last couple of weeks.

So, gaze at this beautiful beach scene and set a timer – GO!


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