Guess what time of year it is?

Scrimmage warm up
Scrimmage warm up

It’s Falcon Football Season!

That right there is the reason I have been AWOL as far as blogging (either here or for the paid site!)

I am but a mere, barely 1/4 or 1/3 co-liaison with another mom. She is doing SO SO much, because even my teensy part I do has taken up ALL the oxygen from the room after my day job is done.

One thing I had to do last week in helping with production of the home game programs and the team poster was to scour through all of last season’s photo albums to select pictures for various pages. Possibly the hardest one to do was the poster. I’ll post the finished product when we have it in two weeks. I had to choose 11 photos of specific, individual shots of senior players to be featured at the top. Oh, and see if you can get them to alternate between white and cardinal jerseys. OY! They were juniors last year which means they were not often on the field. Some were hurt a lot (gee, like who I wonder?) But it was OK and I did end up finding this gem I had missed last year:

Sideline shot from 2012
Sideline shot from 2012

This year, as you can see above, he starts the season WITHOUT a knee brace for the first time in 5 seasons, and WITH a helmet on again! That is his personal SG Helmet¬†ordered this summer and finally in our hands after a bit of color matching drama. Who knew “Cardinal” was so difficult to match?! Anyway, as you can see in the photo below, there is already a scratch on the front. Second or third say of contact practice, and he had a pretty big collision (according to him anyway). Coaches and other players were asking “are you OK? how’s your head?!” (reminder that he’s had two concussions in two years). He was fine – not even a tiny bit of pain or feeling of having had his bell rung.

Yup, the helmet has seen some action already!
Yup, the helmet has seen some action already!

Here’s a few more shots from the scrimmage – scoring wasn’t important (though we did “lose” 21-0). 17, who wears #18 (got that?!) played a lot due to some injuries. He should play a fair amount next week for the home opener as well because at least 2 of the 3 who impact his playing time will still be out. He’s hoping to use those opportunities to prove his game time performance value and earn more and more playing time.

Caught looking at the camera!
Caught looking at the camera!
No knee brace!
No knee brace!
He can still jump and catch!
He can still jump!
He caught this one too - with one hand as he was getting chased down.
He caught this one with one hand as he was getting chased down.
See? He's got it!
See? He’s got it!

Scrim18That’s it for this week – I *hope* I can keep up the picture and game posting during the season. I just don’t know what to expect from this volunteer gig as the season launches. I think it should become easier. But, I really don’t know. I do know it will be FUN.







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