Game 2 – more hot weather and another loss

Not much to say – defensive struggle as noted in the paper. What was fun for me was seeing so many friends from the area come out including 18’s pop warner coach. He still didn’t play much – that double edged sword right since I don’t want him to get hurt, but I want him to play!

However, he was smiling afterwards and didn’t seem too upset – opponent was out for blood given the big victory on their turf last year and frankly I think that other than one injury which didn’t seem TOO bad, the boys were happy to *only* suffer a 10-0 loss. Their defense is proving to be VERY good which is encouraging for the rest of the year.

We’ll see – anyway, the regular photographer was back so there are more photos of our guy even though he saw minimal action. Still waiting for him to be caught in his classic pose this season 🙂

18_Cathedral 18_Cathedral2 18_Cathedral3 18_Cathedral4 18_Cathedral5


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  1. This is completely unrelated to the content of your post, but here goes: maybe I’m just used to crappy cell phone/Instagram pictures these days, but I can’t get over how clear and crisp some of these pictures are. I saw it on my feed reader and I was shocked at how clear that first picture is (for contrast, look at it next to the second picture, which is a lot less clear).


    1. Aren’t they amazing? We have this ridiculously skilled, VOLUNTEER photographer who doesn’t even have a kid in the program who goes around taking pictures of various TPHS sporting events. She is, quite simply, a GODDESS of sports photography. Those pictures were from a pool of over 800 she took that game. I select the best ones of our guy and post them here so that my mom can grab them and print them for his scrapbook.


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