Rugby in the rain

No, I did not take out my phone during the worst of the weather. You can tell by how he looks once he got in to play in the second half that he is soaked through!

Yes, it does rain in San Diego, but today was special. The worst of it was RIGHT when we were outside! I Dropped him off, went to Balboa Park to trade in old lights for 3 more LED strands (SDG&E runs an exchange every year). As I drove back to the field the rain started, but then it stopped when I parked and was just cold & windy until RIGHT before kick off! They did a nice jersey hand off ceremony at the start:

2013-12-07 13.23.49Before – he’s in the middle with the whitest set of thighs ever! As you can see – football pants and practice shorts do not allow sunlight to get through the upper half of the legs. Not a good look when you have to wear black rugby shorts that are…well….VERY SHORT!

2013-12-07 13.25.45

Getting his jersey – he was #19 this game – apparently that is not set for the season and can change game to game depending on the position you play and whether you start or not. For instance, he was the second string scrum half. The starter wore #9.

2013-12-07 13.26.42

Obligatory “pose” for mom after getting his jersey – thrilled, ain’t he?

2013-12-07 14.23.39

Can you tell that his hair is wet and matted to his head? He was on the sidelines during the most torrential downpour and water was just dripping off him. Also? He refused to even BRING a sweatshirt – he was shivering with cold until he finally got to play!

2013-12-07 14.23.41Please do not yet ask me what is happening in these “action” photos. I have not much of a clue other than his teammate is picking up the ball and I know the rest of them have to run BEHIND the ball carrier so he was probably slowing down to stay in position in relation to that.

2013-12-07 14.24.20

So the fun part of being a scrum half is that you get to put the ball into a scrum and then circle around and wait for it to come out and grab it and pass it off (or run with it if you have space).

It was fun – and comical given the weather! No sitting though – at this field it was just standing back behind that white line on the sidelines unless you were a coach like the guy in front of me.

The important thing is that HE loved it.

But I really do hope it is not so wet next weekend!

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