Sunday Funday!

Not much time to write – too tired – at the rugby game yesterday a friend gave me her Charger season tickets to use for the game today. Even though I knew it would be pushing the limits of my energy levels, I took them because – hey – Club level! Four tickets! The Giants – oh yeah.

SO I got up and met the girls at 7:30 and we ran 13.2 miles on the San Dieguito Riverpark/Lake Hodges trail (did that one a lot in the Spring and it is BRUTALLY hilly and rocky). Survived that and raced home to shower and get the boys moving so we could get on the road. 17 brought his best friend to round out our foursome. We were too late getting to the stadium to park inside, but since that costs $$ I wasn’t too disappointed, but I WAS concerned about how far away we would end up. Rightfully so – we were a mile away UP a pretty steep hill. Sure it was downhill to get in, but getting BACK? Yeah. Plus, I ended up having to check in my purse – new NFL rules that all items must be carried in a clear container 0r a large ziploc works in a pinch, but since I hadn’t prepared – first I had to leave my purse all the way around the other side of the parking lot from where our seats were! I sent the boys in and made the trek and FINALLY sat down just as the Chargers drove to their first touchdown. The game was a blast since they won 37-14. Our seats were AMAZING!! 50 yard line behind the visitor sideline at club level with open views to both scoreboards/video screens. You could truly follow the play as it unfolded with a full view of which receivers were open or not. It’s the first time I could say that being AT the game really IS superior to watching it on TV.

View down the hill to the stadium as we walked from our free parking spot far far away.
View from our seats
28, 17 & best buddy.
Just a gorgeous day!

I survived all that with legs that are still only slightly stiff when I first stand up. Also kept the football dinner events moving along. Shadow Box assembly tomorrow night.

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