Decorations and running

I may be flailing at the Holidailies commitment, but at least I did write a Blogmutt post on Friday! So, the intention to have writing here spark the re-ignition of my writing THERE has worked!

Right now my focus is on preparing for the Holiday Half Marathon on the 29th and on preparing for Christmas. I have just one more day of work, but as is typical of this time of year, I also had a dinner party to attend this weekend so I had to squeeze in early cleaning and finalize gift buying and wrapping.

On that note, the tree does finally have gifts under it, not cats!


There are cards on the mantle:


Sitting the in the glow of these lights in the living room is still the highlight of every day:


Meanwhile, I keep having to get very creative to find time during the week to run. The long runs are great, but you also have to get those shorter runs in – for me that means night runs. I just don’t have the time or inclination to get up early and run before work. It’s easier to leave work even just 15 minutes earlier to get home and get out on the well lit streets by 5:15 and run until 6. Still plenty of time to cook dinner after. Last week, this meant running in the rain as we did our weekly speed run on the middle school track. It was dark, rather chilly, and yes, wet, but we still finished-up with a smile.


The real issue is the surface we run on. We spent the last few weeks exclusively doing the longer runs on trails. The two 13 miles runs I did were no problem at all and recovery was quick. Then last weekend and again today I ran on what will be the actual race route. 10 miles each time. Partly trail, but a lot of it is on pavement. And OH MY ACHING EVERYTHING!! Wow does it make a difference on the bottoms of the feet, the toes, the ankles, the shins, and the hips to literally “pound the pavement”. I promise that once this race is over I will be back out on the relative cushy trails again! Bring on the hills and uneven terrain and rocks and whatever! SO much better than asphalt or pavement.

I’m ready though. This week the mid-week runs will be easy. 4-3-2 Tues Wed Thurs. Since I only work on Monday it will be no problem to do those quick runs and then REST on Friday and Saturday.

Yeah, REST – I might need to look up how to do that :->

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