Bacon Wrapped….(does the rest of this title matter?)


Ok, so the specific completion of that title for today is: Bacon Wrapped Dates.

This is not intended to be a recipe post, but in order to get that photo, the online search did result in one. Though I think all I really needed to find out after eating one of these is exactly how long to put them in the oven and at what temp (15-25mins at  375)..I haven’t made them myself, this is just the result of what I tasted at a restaurant just now.

The annual holiday lunch with my AVP resulted in me tasting one of these appetizers. Something I *never* would have order because it had the word “date” in it, and I don’t generally like those.

HOWEVER, when it is wrapped in a thick, juicy slice of bacon and has blue cheese oozing out the ends, well…I figured it wouldn’t be All Bad.

Oh heavens – it was ALL GOOD! No, it was ALL AMAZEBALLS!!

Further proof that Bacon Wrapped…..(fill in the blank with an edible product) always worth eating!

For the record the ingredients are:

  1. Dates (either fresh or dried but they need to be pitted and split in open
  2. Goat cheese (or any soft cheese really)
  3. Uncooked bacon slices cut into 1/3s

Stuff the dates with the cheese, wrap with one of the bacon strips, bake at 375 for 15-25 mins or until bacon is done to your liking and cheese is golden at the edges. Skewer with toothpicks and serve. 2 mins later make another batch because that’s how fast you will eat them!

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