One month later – an update from our UNM Lobo!

Because he is male, what I have to report is mostly via choppy text messages, but….

One month after drop off and class start, he thinks all of his teachers a great. So much so that even though his math class creates a conflict with rugby, he didn’t attempt to switch out because he didn’t want to lose that teacher. I’m really impressed because this also has turned out to be the only teacher giving out regular homework. All other classes are apparently weekly assignments and quite manageable.

He has 5 classes – Calc B, English Comp 3, Intro to German, Physics & Computer Programming. Earliest class start is 9:30am, but he has evening classes 3 out of 5 nights.

Now, rugby – he wasn’t sure he would play, but after a team meeting and practice or two he was sold on it again (which I suspected would happen). It’s a great band of brothers to have instantly. Many are locals with cars so if you need to get to Wal Mart for some quick snacks/supplies, it is great to have a ride. So far though, it seems that other than Wal Mart and a Rugby team trek to Santa Fe, he hasn’t been off campus much! He asked for a TV about a week after move in since he ended up without a roommate and he figured out he had time even with class to play some Xbox now & then. It’s been nearly 2 weeks since the TV was delivered and he hasn’t had it hooked up to the in room satellite service! When I asked why he said “rugby & math”. Hah!

Anyhow, he wont play a ton in games this Fall – he’s an out of shape (especially for altitude) freshman with a lot to learn. The Santa Fe tournament was all local New Mexico teams and the Lobos won. Since there were multiple games, he was able to start the first 1/2 of one game. He said he played terribly and was light headed from the lack of oxygen. That was Labor Day weekend. They were off the rest of the time until today when they officially start the D1A Fall season against Air Force, a ranked team (UNM is not ranked). At the last update on the team twitter account they were losing 45-14 😦 Not unexpected really. Alex most likely didn’t play. I’ll check in with him tomorrow about it. They play next week in Wyoming (wow!). He’s not sure if he will be on the travel roster or not, but I do love that he’s participating in something that will get him out to see other parts of the country!

Anyway – he said he’s quite happy/comfortable with everything overall. So, yay! Here’s some photos I stole from the UNM Rugby Facebook page – proof he is alive and active 🙂

A page from today's digital game program.
A page from today’s digital game program.
Roster page from the program.
Roster page from the program.
Team photo from the Santa Fe victory.
Team photo from the Santa Fe victory.

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  1. I think you’re getting a lot of info from him. My daughter rarely communicated with me. For every 10 texts I sent her, I might get one in return and I was careful about not texting too much so I rarely heard anything. So I think you’re lucky!

    It sounds like he’s off to a great start in this new chapter of his life. Isn’t that a good feeling as a mom?!


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