Back to racing!

No, not me – my friends 🙂

OK, so I did do a super hilly mainly single track trail 10k a couple of weeks ago that was in a canyon right behind the high school. My ankles might still be sore from all the bracing I had to do to keep my footing going up and down those hills!

And yes, I did sign up to do the Holiday Half Marathon again the end of December. Oh, and I did meet my goal of running 500 miles in a year (Here’s my Nike+ app results taken on Sunday – I downloaded the app on Oct 1 last year):

2014-09-28 09.14.48

However…..Renee is now coaching some new clients/friends and they are participating in their first sprint distance triathlon in a couple of weeks. I tagged along as they did a run through of swimming/biking/running and the transitions in between. That’s how I got in the last 4.2 miles I needed to hit 500 for the year 🙂 After what has been a BRUTALLY hot and humid summer, they thankfully chose a very lovely Sunday morning for this and I really enjoyed getting some pictures of the bay and the birds.

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