Before the Universe said “Ha HA” – Vlog Week 6

Yes, I know I forgot to record something for week 5 – so this is a two week catch up.

First of all – please please donate Christina’s Fundraising Page I’ve currently got $885 which leaves me a tad over $2100 yet to raise. We are doing some team fundraising but I would feel so much more encouraged if I could pull my own weight from all of you lovely readers/friends/supporters. It is your donations that keep me going even when I feel a huge huge case of the “Don’t Wannas”

Speaking of those – literally about an hour after I recorded this video in which I sort of crow about feeling pretty darn good after a 12 mile training walk…guess what happened? Yup – BONK! I was part way through my grocery shopping and my brain just stopped. Followed closely by the rest of me. I pushed through to unloading the food and then making a super quick lunch thinking that what I needed was food. Meh – kind of felt better? But, I still needed to do a 3 mile walk (remember this is going to be a back to back 25 miles each day event so we have to train like that). I wisely decided to just stroll the 3 miles. Ok, check that – I almost only did 1 mile since I had to go to the ATM to deposit a cash donation a friend had given me Saturday night (thank you Jeanne!). I nearly went home after BUT I plugged along down to the trail anyway. Not sure if that was the best plan since about at mile 2 a headache dropped down onto me and the last bit I felt as if I was constantly bargaining with myself between calling for a rescue ride home or taking another step forward. I did finish it, but I spent the rest of the day on the sofa or in bed. THANKFULLY feeling much back to normal-ish today (Monday) and very very happy to see TWO rest days on the plan for this week – the first one being today.

Anyhow – enjoy this unfocused little missive on stuff and know that the universe said “Ha HAH” out loud about an hour later 😉

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