American Idol Top 9

Dolly Parton coaches as they sing her songs. I wont know but about 2 or 3 of these since I am not a huge fan of country and I only know her more mainstream recordings.

Brooke White – Jolene – Oh good, her hair is back to it’s natural curls. Great song for her. She’s playing the guitar with a fiddler and percussionist and one background singer. Simple, heartfelt. She is sparkling on stage tonight. Great great arrangement and performance. Perfect song choice for her style. Love it. Huh…judges heard something different I guess!

David Cooke – Little Sparrow – Ok good, he credited the previous arrangements he’s used to the artists who created them. However, this one is all his he says. Now, since I don’t know the original at all, I cannot compare. All I can say is that he is again showing us his style beautifully. This was a little softer than his previous stuff which is great to hear. He showed more vocal range and some tenderness. Love it.

Ramiele Maluby – (I missed the song title and I don’t know it!) – Bouncy little tune. She’s doing well enough, but not in any way changing my opinion of her as a bottom rung performer in this remaining group. Stronger performance than the last couple of weeks for me. She needs to show this cutesy, upbeat side. But, Simon is right, I was thinking cruise ship all the way.

Jason Castro – Travellin Through – Jason is a bubble guy for me. He has the potential to be unique and good enough to be a top 5 guy, but I started getting bored with him the last few weeks. This is a little different for him. It’s still a folksy, story telling type of song, but it’s much faster paced. He sounds great to me (but then apparently my hearing is off!) I liked it as I liked to hear a different sound from him. He is a great story teller as he sings. Earned some points tonight. Wow, and for once, I completely disagree with Simon.

Carly Smithson – Here We Come Again – I’ve been waiting for a song like this from her. A quiet song with a simple arrangement that lets her just show off her voice. I got chills. What a beautiful performance. Great note she hit at the end. Simon is being a harder ass than usual tonight – I think it is because he does not like Dolly very well. Yikes, he even dissed her outfit!! Ouch. Though…ok, on the fashion thing…I do agree a bit.

David Archuletta – Smoky Mountain Memories – In the opening clips he makes Dolly cry singing this to her. And I see why. Wow. He is back folks. Sang straight from the heart, hit notes you would not believe. More chills. Many more. This kid could sing you the phone book and make you cry.

Kristi Lee Kickerheroffplease – Coat of many colors – Oh crap. This is going to be her genre isn’t it? Crap. I don’t care. She still bores me to tears!!! If I must listen to country, then I would prefer it be Carrie Underwood. At least her voice has some depth and range. This girls seems to sing the same note the whole time. Argh. I can only hope that following David A will hurt her (please oh please??)

Syesha Mercado – I Will Always Love You – I completely knew she would pick that one. The first part nearly put me to sleep. That was toning it down TOO much. Of course, when she gets to the Whitney part she shines more, but still..this is Whitney’s song and I really don’t think *anyone* on this show should ever sing it. It was decent, but I am not impressed. Oh, she looked lovely though – yellow looks great on her. Simon nailed it, she paled in comparison (as anyone would).

Michael Johns – (no clue what the song is – Its all Wrong?) – Oh heavens. More chills….many many many many chills. Day-UM. Sexy. Emotion. Vocals. I am going to sound like Randy, but, that was HAWT!!! Bluesy, elegant. Ok, I need to stop. He wins the night IMHO and there were quite a few good performances.

Who goes? Well, I always want Kristi Lee to go, but I think it will be Ramiele.

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  1. Ahhh, Michael Johns…man, that was one BLAZING HOT!! performance. When he finished, I turned to E, “Whew, my nipples are hard.” (TMI? he really was that good, though) 🙂

    Yeh, either Ramiele or possibly Mercado b/c for whatever reason the voters don’t seem to like her too much. Kristi is pulling in all the cooter votes so she may stay another week. argh.


  2. I disagreed with the judges on Brooke, too. I thought her rendition of Jolene was good. It’s one of the few Dolly Parton songs I like (I’m not a big country fan, either).

    Now that I’ve read through you whole post, I pretty much agree with you on everything.

    I hope Kristi goes, but it’s unlikely at this point.


  3. heehee, i am no country fan (nor do i play one on TV) or even a dolly fan, though the woman is very, very talented; and i hardly watch AI except for the tryouts… but i must tell you that i will always love you is actually dolly’s song that whitney took over. maybe it’s an age thing; dolly parton used to have a variety show of sorts in the early/mid 1970s, and at the end of the show, she would sing i will always love you in the sweetest, most gentle way. i remember thinking (and i was only 9 or 10 but quite a critic) that it was such a pretty song.

    flash forward to 1986 or 7 and whitney’s version. whitney houston has an amazing set of pipes; not disputing that in any way. but i remember thinking when i first heard her version — what happened to the tenderness in the song? she blows the entire house down when a little bit went a long way, i thought imho.

    but that’s just me. and it’s pretty well-documented that i don’t like covers, though there are occasions where i will grant that a cover pushes a song to a new and interesting place. i didn’t think whitney did that, but obviously a lot of other people disagree 🙂

    i’ll have to look for the clip from AI!


  4. wreke – I did know that Whitney’s version was a cover. I think I phrased things poorly as I was writing this while watching the DVR and also flipping back to the Padres game (multitasking). Syesha did a blend of Dolly and Whitney. She started off with the tender sound of Dolly and then finished it off with Whitney.


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