Travel Day

One picture from my travel day – rocky hills at the Phoenix ariport that caught my eye. It was a gorgeous day and that meant flying out I had a magnificent view of the grand canyon. Also loved seeing the Arizona Diamondbacks stadium (the BOB) from the air. I think I also saw a spring training complex which I realized later could have been the Padres/Mariners? Anyway, it was beautiful. Flights were on time and easy. Though I really need to get the hang of going carry on only as I was hit with the $15 check on bag fee. Argh. At least I had a really cheap airfare. Seattle was COLD and rainy when I arrived. 49 degrees!! There is no way this So Cal girl can be prepared for that, but hey, I did remember my gloves and scarf and walking to the restaurant for dinner was not that bad. I do need a raincoat though. There were four of us for dinner and it was wonderful as always. A nice slow, yummy dinner. No more rain is forecasted oddly. Should be about 57 today. More gals will arrive. I think we may shoot for the art museum today.

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