Friday in Seattle

We started off at Pikes Place Market to sit in a cafe and have breakfast and plan out the day. We ended up having Breakfast in Seattle where they filmed a scene in Sleepless in Seattle:

Internet connection at the hotel is spotty so I wont upload any other pictures from here, but we are being blessed with some amazing weather! Clear and sunny and cold, but the view from the Space Needle was fantastic. The hotel also generously gave us Macy’s coupons and I did need a decent rain coat and a new pair of gloves and a scarf so a few of us went shopping afterwards and had a lovely time. Given the awesome weather, I think that after a dim sum brunch we will end up taking a ferry ride to Bainbridge. Along with the Space Needle that is something that I missed out on doing last time due to inclement weather so this is all working out very nicely 🙂

2 thoughts on “Friday in Seattle

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  1. AHH! I’m so jealous of you! Sleepless in Seattle is one of my all time favorites movies (and inspired my blog name). That’s so great they have that little sign there!


  2. So… was the owner of the pink pony there? Or was the pink pony doing a Flat Stanley thing and posing for pictures during the reunion?

    The owner of the pink pony is Squib2’s youngest. It has become a tradition in their family that pink pony goes with the parent who travels so that she can have photos taken wherever they are which are then sent back to her. We had a lot of fun posing PP around Seattle!



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