Falcons 24, Pirates 0

(A break in the Seattle action to bring you the results of The Game that I was so sad to miss!)

Thanks to the texting fingers of one of my sports dad friends, I had nearly down by down updates on SportsBoys football game. It was perfect because we were sitting on the ferry coming back from a visit to Bainbridge Island so I could just sti and watch the updates buzz in on my phone. As you can see from the score, this was not nearly as tough as anticipated. The Falcons scored all those points very quickly and then had to just grind it out the rest of the way. It was another good game for our baseball buddies with #12 making all of his kicks and #44 having a couple of huge pass receptions including one for a touchdown which my son told me later was a rather spectacular catch. His dad was the one texting me and was probably too modest to brag about his son’s atheletic acheivement, but, I say Go 44!! If you are a reader from last year, you are perhaps noting a familiar pattern. Rolling into the end of October with just one game left on the early release schedule and this team is undefeated. The playoffs are looming. We may be playing into November again!

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