Seattle food photos

I’ve loaded all of the Seattle pictures onto my Flickr page for August Moms Gatherings. Seattle starts at the photo I posted here from the Phoenix airport. A few featured highlights:

Pumpkins and peppers from the farmers market. In keeping with the fall theme 🙂 I toyed with putting that up in my blog banner but then realized that I better not mess with the football team’s mojo since they are on an undefeated roll again.

Hungry yet? Look at that seafood! The size of those lobsters can only be compared with the ones I saw in Portland Maine. But really, there is no way to walk through the Pike Place Market without getting hungry. And when you do, there are so many fabulous places to eat! I must say that the food on this trip was probably the best overall that we’ve had at one of our gatherings. A better blogger (you know, one who actually does some research ahead) would link to all of the fabulous eateries we visited. Perhaps one of the other blogging moms will be a Better Blogger 🙂 I am a lazy one composing this at work so…just trust me that we ate well! UPDATE: I knew someone else would do the research. Oh, well, here is an obvious place I had to visit:

Best pumpkin spice latte I ever had. Well, perhaps that is an exaggeration, but it was pretty awesome to order at the birthplace of coffee heaven in my world.

Dim sum tarts. Aren’t they pretty? Oh that dim sum on Saturday was GOOD. We had the perfect table and the carts came fast and furious and we snatched up plates and ate and ate. Every bite was delicious.

My final bite in Seattle though was perhaps the most unusual and also very very tasty. Squib2 and I made our way back to the Pike Place Market so that I could go to Starbucks and so that she could revisit this:

A place called Piroshky Piroshky where I had a beef and onion pastry and she had a smoked salmon and then a white chocolate raspberry one. She declared them the best piroshky’s she’s had outside of Russia. of course, I had no such comparison to make, but I really enjoyed them!! It was also a lot of fun to stand at that window and watch them roll out those delicious buns. Mmmmmm.

More later..for some reason, I’m hungry now and need to find a snack!

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  1. I just had breakfast a little while ago, but after looking at your photos… I’m starving!! The dim sum tarts are gorgeous. Everything looks yummy.


  2. I’ve never had a piroshky, but, wow! those look so goooooood. (i haven’t had breakfast…thanks, i doubt my sad bowl of oatmeal can hold a candle to those yummy looking treats)


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