Roof update!!

Music Man and his friend hit the roof today. Not seeing anything obvious, they then headed into the attic to try and trace the water line. Which led them to believe that it must be leaking in the neighbors house too (it’s a twin home set up) because it looked like it was leaking right at the apex of the very slanted roof and our layouts are very similar with skylights at the same point and the main beams (like the one pictured below where my leak is coming through) are right parallel equidistant from the apex. (Not having been up there myself I am just transcribing here). Any hoo…while they were up on the roof, the neighbor was out walking her dogs and when they shouted down to her she confirmed that she had JUST noticed a stain this morning on her side. Ah hah!! When I got home they were in the process of removing tiles from my side. I went next door and saw that leak – sure enough, same line as mine though hers has not resulted in dripping yet – just a stain over her fireplace but it definately originates from the beam above her bridge at the same spot as mine. She provided us with some tarp to lay over the exposed roof that I now have on my side and of course offered any help/supplies she could since this will most likely end up being a shared resolution. Phew! So the boys will tar over my side and then do some similar tile removal on her side along the same line and tar hers over. Luckily she has some replacement tiles which she will provide so they can replace some of the worst broken tiles. Then I guess that the next incoming rainstorm due to hit Friday or Saturday will be our test!

Oh, and oh course I just love that the house is being torn up since I have a pop warner budget meeting here tomorrow night. Yippee!! But, it must get done. I am just relieved that we are working with our very nice neighbor (she’s a peach, but her boyfriend can be…uptight?!) and that we both agree that we are going to try the DIY method first.

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