Mad World

No, this is not another Adam Lambert post šŸ™‚

But it IS another edition of (drum roll please)…..A Day In the Life!

It is appropriate that I have a new found appreciation for the song with a line that goes:

When people run in circles it’s a very very mad world.

So this was my day yesterday:

  • Take Sports Boy to school. Yes, he can walk, but he’s been feeling lazier as the school year winds down and my deal with him is that if he is ready to go at 7:45, I’ll swing up there on my way in to work.
  • While at work, try to solve the mystery that is the People Soft Asset Management system.Ā  I’ve mentioned how I Hate People Soft before and that is just being reinforced as I try to determine how the tables that get populated with *the same data* are NEVER in sync so that no two reports show the same totals. I know, total accounting geek speak, but it’s making the work day particularly frustrating this week.
  • Leave at 2:20 to go to the train station to pick up MusicMan. Take him home to grab his work clothes, then back up in the direction of the train station to drop him off to work, then back to my own work by 3:15. Picture it as a looping route with a zig zag in between.
  • Wrestle with software program some more. Get no where.
  • Leave at 5pm to pick up SportsBoy from home and drive him down the hill to his dad’s so he can pick up a shirt he needs. Lecture SB on poor planning causing me to make this extra trip since he knew he would need this shirt two weeks ago and could have brought it to my house well ahead of time! Stop by PO Box to check mail for baseball and football clubs. Drop SB back at his school so he can be an usher for his school’s Spring Play from 6-9pm.
  • Home to make dinner, tend to cats, clean kitchen, put laundry away and catch up on the days football league and personal emails.
  • Pick up SportsBoy at 9 (Music Man got a ride home from work from a friend)
  • Leave at 9:30 to give MM a ride back to Work Furlough
  • Home at 10:20pm for the night.

Those last two bullet points happen every night since two weeks ago and will continue until 6/13. Weeeeeeeeeeee!

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  2. No money for a cab – that’s close to $75 and his paycheck essentially goes to the work furlough program every week. Nope – no options but me though his friends pitch in once or twice a week (like tonight).


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