American Idol post game analysis


Congrats to Kris Allen. He won the trophy. He’s a great, talented, sweetheart of a guy with adorbale parents and a beautiful wife. Go Kris.

the show last night was SO much better than Tuesday night. Clearly everyone was way more energetic and thrilled to be performing with established artists. Of course this Rock Girl was happiest when Kiss came out and at the end when Brian May played guitar as Adam and Kris sang We Are The Champions. They sounded so good together! Adam said this morning in a radio interview that singing next to the Queen guitarist with Kris was his most memorable moment from the night. You could just tell that the pressure was off both of them and they could just sing for the pure fun of it and with the goal to entertain the audience vs garner votes or judges’ praise. Now I want Adam to do a cover of Kiss’ song Beth!! Sigh…

Here’s the thing – I’m going to miss the show so much this year!! Adam Lambert made this season for them. He made you tune in to see just what he would do each week.  It’s been a wonderful distraction for me. I’ve loved every song he did and I now have them all on a CD for my car. I’ve *never* cared this much about a contestant.  I’m not so much sad that he didn’t win as I am sad that I wont see him performing on TV every week! The withdrawals will be harsh 🙂

I was not truly shocked at the results. In fact, I had pretty much resigned myself to them early on when we knew who the final THREE were. It’s the logic of how Idol works. The top four had a dedicated fan base. By that point you probably are not picking up anyone new – not in significant numbers anyway. Given the polar opposites that Adam/Allison were vs Danny/Kris, I knew that Adam’s largest fan base had been with him since Allison was eliminated. There was no way he would break through the Danny/Kris juggernaut. Kris inherited the vast marjoity of Danny’s fans which was enough to put him over the top. It made sense and on the radio this morning Adam’s dad said they had come to the same conclusion beforehand and were also prepared for it.

And as much as I love Adam, the other problem was that he peaked during rock week IMHO.

Not that it matters. The main wing of AI – 19E entertainment, owns those performers anyway. They have right of first refusal on the Top 13. Adam was talking about the record he was going to make back during the home town visit. His future was secured when he wowed everyone weeks ago. The fact that he does not have the trophy has not impacted his future plans one little bit.

Thank you American Idol and Adam Lambert for a rocking good time over the past couple of months.

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