Let’s talk about SPAM


OK, not that kind, this kind:


Also the kind you get as comments on your blog if you have one. So here’s the discussion – why in the blazes do they spend ungodly amounts of time and money sending out these things? Have you ever really looked at them? Who would EVER bite on these things? Even when they do get through my spam filters, they are so random and poorly written and attempting to sell products I would never buy under any cirucmstances. Often they are not in English as you can tell my tonight’s Gmail account spam bucket. I just think it must be a huge waste to send these out and I knew someone who made a damn good living as a spammer for awhile! I wonder what the minimum number of ‘hits’ needs to be to justify that expense and do they *really* attain those goals?  And I am certainly not sending MYSELF messages? Really, because an email comes from ‘me’ I am suddenly going to read it and purchase the product? Because I really send those messages to myself?? Because seriously, I don’t need viagra. Or collection software. Or to enlarge a certain organ that I don’t even have.

Just one of life’s mysteries that I really Do Not Get.

2 thoughts on “Let’s talk about SPAM

Add yours

  1. I get e-mails from “me” in languages I don’t even speak!
    And it seems “me” is very confused about my own body parts and gender.
    Your spam bucket looks a lot like mine.


  2. I guess it’s because email is free? I don’t know but I sure wish it would stop. My Gmail hasn’t been catching it all lately, either.


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