Concert etiquette and how do you make those videos?

As I slowly return to reality post-concert, it occurred to me that I need to rant a bit about something I kind of glossed over in my long concert review. This concerns concert etiquette. Here are some things that are sure to set me off if you are around me at a concert:

  • Drinking
  • Eating smelly/loud foods
  • Talking
  • Moving up and down the aisles 85000 times due to said drinking.

Seriously, why pay those exhorbinant ticket prices if you are not even going to pay attention? Oh sure, plunk down $75 for the crappiest seats, then go buy $12 nachos and $15 beers and sit there and munch out as if you were at a ball game, then go back for more beer (or wine as the women in front of me were doing), and garlic fries. Then get up and go to the bathroom, then get more to drink.  Oh, maybe have some candy which you break into very loudly. Meanwhile other than the 10 minute intermission they had during the concert, you’ve missed like 1/4-1/3 of the very fast paced show and probably at least one person’s entire SET in order to eat and drink. Of course, after 3-4 drinks it gets harder and harder to navigate those stairs doesn’t it? So on that last beer run you spill. The WHOLE container. Down the steps. So that anyone going up or down after you gets to slip and slide in it. But hey! Don’t alert anyone! Just kick that now empty cup under a seat and scurry on down for a refill (sure hope you hit the bathroom while you were out). Oh, and don’t forget to start one of those LOUD drunk voiced conversations with your neighbor just as the feature act comes out and slows things down into one of his mellow, haunting tunes. Make SURE your voices can be heard for three rows down AND up over the singer! Niiiiiice. Then get up to dance to the next fast song. Fall down! Get up and realize that you cannot really navigate sitting in your seat anymore so just sit on the step in the aisle.

You stay classy San Diego!

I have just never understood doing *anything* at a concert other than singing and dancing and *listening* to the music. I might have a water with me but the last thing I want to do is get drunk so that I cannot remember what I’ve seen, or end up in the bathroom so much that I miss a ton. I just DONT GET IT!

Go ahead and call me the cranky old lady now 🙂

As to videos from these shows – can someone explain to me how this was done – really, is it a cell phone? A camera with a video function? And do you stand there holding it up the whole time or are you watching the performance through the view finder (somethine else that would diminish the experience for me). Not that I mind the result. I mean – wowza – check out how good this is and the sound quality and, well..those moves!
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 thoughts on “Concert etiquette and how do you make those videos?

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  1. I can relate. I saw Paul McCartney at Citi Field (NYC) Fridaay night. The couple next to us…well, they had a rather physical argument in the short break between the opening act and McCartney’s set. And when they stopped arguing and made up, the guy couldn’t stop talking…and talking…and talking. I was so happy when it started to rain and they left.


  2. I’ll tell you how they did the video.
    The person who filmed this was to the side of the stage and standing against the barricade. They got really lucky that Adam went to that side and performed for them. Most of the time, performers will stick to the middle and sing there.

    This is not a mobile phone video, but most likely a point and shoot camera that does video. Some of them have amazing little mics in there that do a great job recording the music.


  3. I can only imagine. It really does sound like a ball game audience.

    Two years ago I saw Rod Stewart in concert in San Jose and again the following month in Sacramento. The audience was amazing. There was singing and dancing but none of the antics that you speak of. One husband/companion started to talk when Rod was singing and he was shushed right away. He didn’t open his mouth after that.


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