Because I love to make you all so envious

Aug 11 2006 at practice
Aug 11 2006 at practice

Yeah, I dug up an older photo but I just love that grin on his face as he holds up 10 fingers to tell you how old he is on his birthday!

But hey – take note of the helmet. And shoulder pads. And chin strap. And white pants with pads in them. Hmmmm…no mouth piece visible in the shot, but it’s there. Plus yellow game pants, burgundy game socks, and a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Oh, and a white belt and a burgundy belt. Yeah, that’s the full packet of equipment that a few hundred boys will come to pick up this weekend from the boiling hot storage unit facility. We (the insane) will be manning the shed until 4pm tomorrow and Sunday to accomdate all the teams. And for those who have put two and two together in terms of – will my own son be there this weekend to be fitted (no, he wont. He flies home in one week!) – yes, there is a make up day next Saturday just in case we dont get enough of the whole thing this weekend!! Weeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh, and before I even get up there tomorrow, I have to somehow survive was is being advertised as our hardest workout yet tomorrow morning. Regular trainers out of town and substitute is supposed to be truly bad ass. Greaaaat. Just what I need before equipment weekend – to be worn flat out for an hour so that I am wiped out and sore all over. Sweeeeeet.

Bring. It. On!

Because, this my friends, is how we get ourselves ready for some FOOTBALL!

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