Excuse this mess

I really need a vacation.

Not the visiting with friends and sightseeing kind as I will soon have which will be wonderful, but….I really need a do nothing vacation. Preferrably with the boyfriend. A cruise would be perfect of course.

Sadly, the soonest I will have any chunk of nothingness will be after Christmas. The boy will head up to San Fran with his dad and I will be off work. But that’s over 3 months away!

You know how bad it is? I finished up a task at work around 11:30am and then spaced out. And I mean OUT. Could not figure out what I should start on next so I peeked over at Twitter for a quick distraction. A quickie. Really. I do it all the time with no issues. 5 mins and then back to work.

Not today. The next thing I knew it was 1pm! WTF? And I hadn’t even had lunch. I just got completely lost on the Internet. I wasn’t sleepy or feeling bad. Just had zero ability to focus on work. My brain which has had to be ON for so many days in a row said “enough!”

It was kinda funny and luckily no harm done since there wasn’t an immediate deadline to meet or report to provide to anyone. And I can’t tell you what I was reading. Probably followed a link from a tweet and then surfed on from there. No clue. Brain was disengaged.

I really REALLY need a vacation.

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  1. Ah, yes, I know whereof you speak. I’m fortunate that I have a week in Maine to look forward to…one more week of work and then my pile of unread novels and the Maine coast. Sorry to rub it in…


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