Happy 4th! Now even more sparkly!

What? You expected fireworks? Oh no, my blog deserves better. Adam Lambert is more sparkly & glittery than those 🙂 He’s also a true American success story. Can’t think of a better way to celebrate what our country means than to feature him.

My goodness would you look at that beautiful man? And how cool is this – that’s a photo from last night during his concert in North Carolina. Someone took this photo, loaded it as both color & black & white and posted it on twitter. I snagged it from there seconds later, saved it as the background on my phone & emailed it to a friend. All probably within 30 minutes of the shutter being snapped.

His Glam Nation tour is rolling along full steam. Sold out venues from the start in early June. He’s now hitting the south & mid west where he has already encountered a protester. Yeah, just one 😉 A few pics were sent from his crew last night of this one guy there with his lovely version of religious based hate. All were amused that he was out there by himself. Apparently Adam smiled & waved to him. Typical. The fans in line gave him a rousing chant of “God hates hate” (Adam’s quote from during the AI tour last year when a group of nasties were demonstrating). I imagine he’s going to encounter more than just lone fools in the upcoming cities as he swings through the Bible belt. But those protesters will be in for some push back as every venue in those cities is sold out too and man are Adam’s fans some passionate folks!

I read in an article that his fans seem like a cross between Elvis & Grateful Dead groupies. That’s about right given their age and also how many of them (guilty!) are going to more than one stop on the tour. Not only are some of my friends attending every single Calif stop & the Vegas one, but another gal I know is flying in from Malaysia for the same two weeks of concerts! Heck, I seem like a total rookie since I’m *only* going to three and I’m not staying overnight anywhere for them! I did once go see Journey twice on one of their tours, but that was just because they did two dates locally & I went to both. In this case I’m driving up to Costa Mesa (90+ miles) two nights in a row, then finally seeing the local show two nights later. 3 shows in 4 nights. And I didn’t blink & eye considering it. From the first videos posted after the tour opener I knew I had to see the show as many times as possible!


Speaking of my Adam concert buddy  – Jan and I went to see One Republic at the fair last night. She cracked me up. As we walked into the fairgrounds she was talking about how she hadn’t been in years since she got burned out after taking her now grown up boys there year after year and that she was just there to see this band blah blah blah. You know what that means right? Famous last words! I, of course, wanted to get my newly traditional treat of deep fried oreos plus I had to visit a particular vendor for a specific product needed for a possible upcoming birthday or something like that (ahem). I assured her I knew exactly how to get to both places and that we would get to our seats in plenty of time for the concert. We got past not more than two vendor stands before something caught her eye. “Oooh, look at those bags…do you mind…?” We walk out of there with her transferring everything into this cute new cloth bag she’d bought. As she said “Well, I’ll need something for all those Adam concerts! Especially when we have to stand in line for the places like SF & Vegas which are general admission seats.” OooooooKkkkk 🙂 We made it past the booth with sparkly hats & shirts and then hustled her off the path & through the livestock areas to get to my beloved Oreos. Now, here she resisted even thought the smell of the deep fried veggies also at that stand were tempting her greatly. I savored my Oreos as we moved on to the bigger shopping areas & toward my target booth. But then…..”Oh look at those dresses!!” Seriously – the next thing you know she’s trying on sundresses in the back of a booth & I am just giggling like crazy at her. “Well, some of the places for the concerts will be outdoors & hot & this cute, comfy dress will be perfect!” Hey, you don’t need to convince ME 🙂 Finally we get into the indoor shopping area and I kid you not she literally ooohed at the very first booth she saw!! Now I am really laughing but we did need to hustle so I asked another vendor & got directions to my destination. On the way we pass a booth with very cute small shoulder wallet/purses. I showed her the one I was carrying and told her I’d purchased that one last year at the fair. She says “Oh, I should probably also have a smaller one for the concerts when we don’t have to stand in line right?” Riiiight Jan! I left her there, made my purchase and went to pick her up and she finished buying item #3 for the night. All in about an hours time. Good thing she didn’t really want to be at the fair eh?

(They were all really cute, and really inexpensive purchases – I just had to tease :-))

Oh, and the One Republic concert was fantastic. Not Adamtastic mind you. That’s another planet. But the band and the lead singer in particular are crazy genius musicians. Loved their intricate arrangements & their use of all sorts of different instruments & sounds.

Not a bad way to start the long holiday weekend. Which I intend to spend alternating between more yard work, hiking  & book reading.

Have a safe & happy 4th!

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