Freshman football update – September 16th

Running in the next play

Big improvements from the previous week!

The coach stood by his promise to use more players. No one played both ways as a starter unless there was an injury. Clearly they had worked on tackling because the game ended with just seconds left as our defense stopped their offense from running in a 2 point conversion on something like the 6 inch line! That game saving tackle cemented the final score of 13-12. VERY well played game all around. Just a few penalties so the time went by fast. The close score kept us all on the edge of our seats the whole time. It was just FUN all around.

Still no passes to the receivers though. Well, check that. They DID throw a few deep balls right as time was winding down in the 1st half. Just not to OUR wide receiver who the coach thinks is too short. Of course the passes they attempted were not caught. The first one hit the kid in the hands & he didn’t get it. I’m sorry, but even at his height, SB would have caught that and I wasn’t even the one saying it in the stands after the ball fell to the ground. The next couple of passes were so far off target that kids would have had to be over 6ft tall to get them! So – hurumph! Of course I love that he is so actively playing a role in the starting offense, but of course I would also love to see him get a shot at handling the ball.So would some other parents who know him from his past years of Pop Warner. he’s got good hands. He’s got mad maneuvering skills. He is *not* easy to tackle.

Now this is where you guys say: Patience mom 🙂

I know, I know. He needs to just keep working hard & showing them what he can do.

Wouldn’t hurt if he’d grow a little faster too!

Bye week this week so next game is not until 9/30.  See you after that football fans!

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