Is this thing on?

Oh hey, hi! I do have a blog don’t I? One that should cover more than just freshman football?

Well, you see, the thing is, since the last time I went to that place up there in the photo (Las Vegas), it’s been a little crazy. Employee turnover during the year end audit at work is not the optimal event to promote blogging time. Naturally in the two weeks leading up to my next drive out to that place up in the photo, the days got even more intense. I’ve been down to just one of us in the office twice now since my other staff member had the audacity to get marriaed and go on a damn honey moon the last two weeks. Suddenly the nice little 3 + me department that I love showed it’s limitations. And drained every last bit of brain power I had to keep it floating. This week, the new employee started which meant training. Which meant not doing my own job during the day for two days. Which meant long hours. Which meant no day off before vacation #2 to prepare for anything. Thankfully the freshman football had a bye this week. Also thankfully the honeymooning employee returns today.

All of that whining to say, sorry I haven’t posted & oh by the way I wont post much over the next week either. August moms reunion is under way! Our mum from Down Under is en route today as are a couple of others & then the rest of us descend into the valley of heat tomorrow. Oh, and I would like to file yet another weather protest! We’ve had NO summer at home as you may have heard me complain before. NONE. So what is in store for this coming week? Now that it’s Fall? A Santa Ana heat wave! Supposed to be in the 80s today then into the 90s the next few days! Where am I going? INTO the belly of the beast where it was staying in the 90s rather pleasantly the last few weeks but soars back to the low 100s while we are there. Oh YAY.

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