That’s MY spot

Today started off crappy. And by crappy, I mean, really totally OK to all rational people.

I dropped off SB at school in plenty of time to miss the drop off line traffic.

I was happy because I had remembered in time that there was a breakfast special in the cafe that I wanted so I didn’t make breakfast at home.

And, I was pulling into the parking garage in plenty of time to get My Spot.

Only, that last part wasn’t true. Because that damn green Honda that I fight with every morning for My Spot had beat me there!

You see, like Sheldon on Big Bang Theory, I have a SPOT. Unlike Sheldon, it is not a space on a sofa.

Also unlike Shledon, I’ve not been able to successfully, officially claim it in any way so other employees would stay out of it. It’s an open parking garage with only two reserved spots and let’s just say that I am not even remotely important enough for one of those and never will be. So it’s otherwise all about timing. So my SPOT is a particular space in the parking garage. It is #66. You would think my spot would be my normally lucky #27, and I do like that one, but laziness has overcome number identification in this case. 66 is closer than 27 to the building entrance 🙂 Now, THAT makes sense right? Most of us have a natural tendency to look for the closest possible spot, right?

Well, then there is the *irrational* reason for liking this spot.

I work in a basement office area. One that is BELOW the parking garage. Yep, after parking my car, I go DOWN another floor. Ever since we moved here we’ve jokingly referred to it as the Cellar, the Subterranean Village, the Bomb Shelter etc etc. But we almost NEVER refer to it as the politically correct, OFFICIAL name – Lower Level. Yeah, no. It’s the basement. And, it kind of is like it’s own bomb or tornado shelter. Of course, those are not real threats here. Earthquakes ARE. And hey, in those you are supposed to take shelter under heavy objects, right? To prevent things from falling on your head? (I’m now getting to that irrational reason).

So….space #66…is right over my desk. You see, if I park my car there, I feel secure knowing that – should anything remarkably absurd happen and the building WERE to collapse on me…well…at least it would be my OWN CAR either protecting me, or..taking me out, right?

Yes, I know – irrational.

Still, I just get all perturbed when I see another car there as I pull around the corner in the morning. I have no real reason to be annoyed of course. That poor guy (I know the driver of the Honda & he’s a sweetheart) has no clue – he’s just taking the closest available spot when he pulls in with no idea how much that will irritate me. So of course I don’t hold a grudge against HIM. I just stare daggers at his CAR 🙂

Thankfully though, my annoyance was easily dissipated. Did I mention the breakfast special?


2 thoughts on “That’s MY spot

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  1. I totally understand this. That’s because I have my own Sheldon-like tendencies. (I just love, Sheldon, btw.)

    The breakfast special is making me hungry…


  2. My first lab job was below ground as well. I called it The Dungeon.

    I think it’s sweet how your car is above your head all day. I now have this great image of you wearing your car on your head.

    That’s a beautiful breakfast special btw.


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