You know you are a geek who grew up in the 70s when…..

Evidence of the supreme sports geek that I may have been as a child circa 1976-1980:

1976 baseball post season news paper clippings from the LA Times
Moving on into 1977 - wouldn't be me without a clipping on #27 Carlton Fisk
Apparently by 1980 I decided that I needed to save box scores for entire Red Sox & Dodgers season. Yeah, I don't know?! I don't remember doing this!
Best part of this scrapbook - signatures! Ferguson Jenkins & Lyman Bostock - just 6 weeks before he was murdered.
Luis Tiant (twice) Bill Campbell & Mike Torrez
Dennis Eckersley

But hey – I didn’t just spend my time making baseball scrapbooks! Oh no, not his crazy gal! C’mon! It was the late 70s! I was 11-15 years old. You know what ELSE I did?

Yup, I made psychadelic pictures with yarn. And framed them (most of them) and hung them on my walls. A real trendsetter.

2 thoughts on “You know you are a geek who grew up in the 70s when…..

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  1. I am SO impressed you were such a baseball fan even then. If we weren’t already married you’d make the perfect catch for me or one of my brothers!


    1. Ironically Bennie – my two long term relationships are/were with guys who are NOT sports fans! I think it’s too much to have two competitve, passionate sports fans in a relationship 🙂 It can get ugly if you don’t root for the same teams (as happened with my 1st husband. Knives literally flew!)


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