New Habit Check In

We are on the Friday of week 2 of 2013 – so how are those new habits coming along?

Lord knows I’ve got a couple of good excuses were I to not have chosen something so relatively easy to start off! It was precisely because of the Fumication this week and then Fibroid Eviction next week that I only chose the savings goal at this point. I’m already thinking ahead about a February habit to add in more related to fitness.

Anyway, despite being uprooted this week I need focus on where my $$ went. I had to spend out of pocket a bit more since I wasn’t cooking in my own house for two solid days, but thankfully my parents gave me a Starbucks gift card for my birthday so breakfast was covered (thank you!!) and I knew The Boyfriend would take me out for dinner one night. So overall I am pleased that I was able to drop another bit of money out of my wallet tonight.

My two week total stands at $16.55

I did also trip into a bit of extreme good luck in regards to my desired gift to myself. A huge plus to being in a hotel with good internet the other night was space and time to catch up with a few far flung friends. Specifically one who had posted last week on FB about some gadgets he wanted to sell. Including….drum roll please…….

A Kindle Fire! Now, it’s not the brand new HD that I was eyeing, BUT… the price he offered it to me I just had to jump on it! Before this month is over I will have the Kindle and also have bought Amazon Prime. I had a head start on THAT thanks to a gift card from co-workers. The total I will spend on that with my mid-month paycheck is completely doable within my normal cash budget SO…I get to keep the little bit I’ve already saved AND will have my new toy!

Now I get to ponder what the fun money will be used on 🙂



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