At home workouts for the week

Catching up from last week, I put $7.25 into the change fund so that is up over $44 as we rolled into Feb.

If I can keep up a $40/mo total I will be plenty happy at Christmas!

FWIW, what I do is get $20 cash every Sunday just to have something on hand for small things, usually snacks at work ūüôā When the following Saturday rolls around I empty out what is left into the change fund. Last week was a little lower because I had to give 16 money for school supplies he needed to get for the start of the the 2nd semester and I instructed him to shop after school for what he needed so he got $10 towards that.

Meanwhile, on the working out at home front – I have done three workouts in the last 6 nights.

The first night it was:

  • 90 squats (6 sets of 15 each)
  • 45 rows with 10lb hand weights (3 sets of 15 each)
  • 45 push ups (3 sets of 15 each)
  • 45 sit ups (3 sets of 15 each)

It was a rotation situation, but then I also added extra squats at the beginning and end because I really want to get my hill running legs built up.

The second night I worked on my arms using some bands and the 10lb weights:

  • 30¬†triceps pulls
  • 30 biceps pulls
  • 30 lat pulls
  • 30 shoulder presses

Finished up with hip flexor steps with ankle bands (40 steps) and then 90 seconds of bicycles for the abs.

 Tonight was totally without equipment of any kind:

  • 90 lunges (3 sets of 30)¬†
  • 60 cross over toe touches – eg: while standing you lift up one leg in front of you off the floor about 6 inches, then bend over and¬†touch¬†the lifted toe with the¬†opposite¬†hand. 20 sets of 3, 10 on each leg each set.
  • 90 mountain climbers (3 sets of 30)
  • 45 leg roll ups (from flat on your back keeping your legs straight roll up so that only your shoulders and head remain on the ground) 3 sets of 15
  • I warmed up with 20 squats and 100 jumping jacks, then did some more hip flexor steps before stretching

Each night’s workout was 30 mins long (no longer than 35 though) and I was sweating and growling through the last few of each set every night. I was damn sore after that first night for sure!

I took the first and third workout almost totally from the videos on this site:

The other one was from exercises we’ve done while cross training with coach Tanja over the years. I bought some resistance bands and hand weights so that I could duplicate a lot of what she showed us in the gym on my own time.

So far, so good! I’m trying to stay really disciplined keeping to a daily schedule of both work, chores, working out, and rest/reading/tv time. The workout tonight was MANDATORY no matter how tired I was and I am really glad I stuck to my plan.

Monday night was all drama because my car died on the way home from work and it HAD to get fixed because Tuesday night 16 and I had tickets to see The Who in concert. I bought those tickets in August for his birthday so we have been waiting a LONG time for this event and I couldn’t believe the car failed me so close to that! I guess that was still better than having it die ON Tuesday…anyway…it was thankfully a quick and not horribly expensive fix so we got to the concert without issue last night and it was FABULOUS as we expected but then that meant two nights of missing my routine so I to re-establish it tonight.

The aggressive work plan is already paying off ¬†– I started out Feb having to enter 30 leases into the new system with just 19 work days in the month in addition to my regular work load. Less than a week later and I’ve knocked out 10 of those so now I have 15 days to convert 20 leases and I am a lot closer to a very manageable 1 lease per day rate. ¬†The key has been working at home! Saturday I knocked off a LOT in just 4 hours and then because of the car situation I had to work from home on Tuesday and I got three leases entered all before 5pm! I know some people have a harder time working from home what with the various parts of the house calling out for attention (wash me! sweep me! dust me! pet me! OK, that’s the cats but still..) but I haven’t found that to be a problem for me.

IOW – I can ignore cleaning like a champ!

So, it was nice to take this mental break tonight and log an entry, but now I must shut it down and gear up for another three day push of tasks. Including getting new tires for the troublesome car on Saturday. Because, oh yeah, there’s chord showing through on the tread of the front tires. Nothing like crossing your fingers every trip out that nothing happens until then!


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