This statement may be a wee bit too harsh…but…then again, maybe not.

I tend to think of rumor mongers more as simply lazy/chatty folks with way too much time on their hands. They are also more than a little bit gullible. And perhaps lacking a modicum of logic.

Having worked at the same place my entire adult life I have experience a vast array of rumor mill results over the years, but I’m largely immune.


I’m also just too damn busy and also too damn literal.

If I need info, you know how I ask? The person who directly HAS the info.

Not the person who sits next to them, or has lunch with them occasionally, or might carpool with them or whose kids go to school with their kids. No, I ask the Decider. The Boss. The One With Knowledge.

Oddly – other people seem to be perfectly willing to waste time asking everyone BUT the horses’ mouth.

Even if they happen upon information from a source who is not even remotely connected to the topic at hand, they completely believe it AND then continue to spread the bad information around. Never once thinking to maybe check up on the veracity of what they are repeating no matter how illogical.

Most of the time I am never aware of these things swirling around. I truly don’t have the time to chat with anyone other than the people right around me and our office is pretty isolated. We don’t mingle with other departments too much and being tucked away in the corner of the basement we are not in an area where other departments pass by us at all, even casually. You have to really WANT to be down here (hah!)

And yet…today I did found myself exposed to a whopper of a rumor in our little break room while I sat there waiting for my lunch to heat up in the microwave.

The gal REALLY REALLY believed it. I listened for about 2 minutes and then could not help but interject asking her who had told her this?

Oh, well, it was her “friend” who works in the other building of course. Ok – so, did you ask your direct supervisor if that was true?


Sigh….so…you haven’t heard it from your boss, or from our mutual VP, but just from a random, totally disconnected co-worker in a completely different building and you still believe it is 100% true?

*blank stare*

Yeah, she wasn’t too happy with me pouring all that ice water on her HOT HOT rumor, but I couldn’t help it.

And all I could think was “girl, if you’ve got the time to chat idly with a coworker in another building about nonsense like that, then you need to get over to my area and I’ll keep you too damn busy to care about random crap like that!”

OTOH, maybe not – I don’t need any haters, fools or idiots over here!

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  1. Ugh. The workplace rumor mill stinks. I allowed myself to get caught up in it a few years ago and I sincerely regret every minute of it. One day one of my coworkers got let go, and for the rest of the day my desk was a revolving door of “OMG did you hear what happened?!” “What happened to Suzy?” I became a nexus of gossip for about a year, and I’ve only recently been able to wash my hands of that reputation.


    1. My polar opposite personality here at work (who I have worked with every damn day of my 27 years here)..,is known as “tele-laura” because you know, if you want information disbursed – you tell Laura. The furthest away from me she has been is in this most recent cubicle arrangement so I am FINALLY far enough away to not overhear or get drawn into her vortex of gossip hell. But for the first 17? Egads it was horrendous! And I thought they were all so vapid and dumb for it. Sure, some little things are amusing, but this gal and her crew get vicious and never bother ONCE to validate one iota of information.


  2. Completely agree! Our workplace is terrible with gossip, and the guys in the shop are some of the worst offenders. But, lots of folks are related, somehow, and the majority have worked there for decades. Our front desk receptionist is pretty bad… She’s been there over a year now, but she was also there for many years several years back, and her husband has worked there for decades as well. She likes to insert herself into other people’s business. No thank you! Luckily, I, too, am usually pretty busy and tend not to be the social butterfly at work that others might be. As my boss says, “Go to the source!”


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