Back under the lasers

Everyone was in agreement after the appointment this morning that the difference between the right and left eye is now too much. The right eye is now 20-15 and the left is at -2. So I go back Monday at 12:30 for the procedure. Nope – I don’t waste time! Actually, it was either next week, or else the week we plan on starting the floors, so…Just Do It! (thank you Nike)

Oooh – just stumbled on a replay on Bravo of the Eagles Reunion Tour 1 from Melbourne with interviews and stuff in between songs. I’ve seen them in concert a bunch since they reunited and loved every one. Now I am swaying to the music 🙂 Which reminds me that my CD player in my car is broken and I need to get it checked out! I miss my tunes. Normally I dont drive enough for it to matter, but with football starting up there will be a few long drives to get to games.

At least I turned from the all JBR news all the time. Yeesh! The Original Lost White Girl has the media all in a tizzy again. Shoot, and I dont even think this guy did it! I understand covering it of course, but in two hours on CNN I heard not one drop of news on: Iraq, status of middle east peace, the NSA wiretap ruling, or any further coverage of the arrest of the drug kingpin who was then transported here to San Diego for holding. Oh yeah – and how about that recent terror alert and it’s repercussions? Oh, that’s been covered enough already? Ok, because, you know..people might have to board a plane within the next two months and might be curious to know if the ridiculous NO LIQUIDS regulation has been figured out yet. For instance, if they determine that they need to continue this ban, will the airlines be able to respond first of all by being like 1000% better about not losing luggage, and secondly by being more generous with refreshments on the plane? As if I can make it through cross country flight without bringing my own water bottle. Why isn’t it OK as long as it is still sealed? My ex flew to Italy the every day this whole thing came down. Luckily he transitioned through France, not Heathrow! However, the flight he was on was filled with Sony employees going to a convention. More than 20% of them had their luggage lost!! He was one of them. At least he got his bags the next day, but HELLO, this is why so many of us pack so many essentials in our carry ons!

Heehee – how did this go from getting my eye done to all that? Stream of concsiouness blogging day I guess :->

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  1. Christina, I have that Eagles Reunion Tour on DVD (a two-DVD set, actually). It was calling my name at Costco several weeks ago. You should look for it next time you’re at Costco. It’s fun to watch every once in a while.



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