Why I love AIG

Yes, I know, I may be the only person other than someone who still works there (and gets to go on spa weekends) to actually LOVE AIG. But you see, it’s because they bought 21st century insurance this year. And I have loved 21st century since they were, well, 20th century! Seriously, ex#2 found 20th century back in the 90s and they had the cheapest damn car insurance so that’s who we used. But, any insurance company is really only as good as it’s coverage right? What happens when you have to file a claim and all that. Well, this is why I love them. They pay. No hassle. Every time. I’ve only used them personally two times. Once to pay someone MusicMan hit, then when he flew my car. I know, I could simply say that he totalled my car, but it was my dream car and he really, truly did fly the damn thing. It was devastating – for the car. He was fine since it was my dream car which happened to have an airbag every 3 inches or so in the frame (or so it seemed since every damn one deployed.) Anyhow, given the devastation and the expense of the vehicle lost, and the overall mental and emotional trauma of the whole event (oh, 3 years ago btw so pre-blog), the bright spot was 21st century. I had the FULL value of my car back in my hands within 10 days. No kidding. Had a replacement vehicle almost immediately thanks to them. And both claims were remarkably easy to process. No haggling over the value of the damage (or the obliterated car). Well, then you can imagine how happy I was when I found out that the driver in this accident also used 21st century. It’s taken a little over a year, but MM finally got his settlement from them. And it was…umm….freaking generous!!! Waaaaaaaaaaaayyy more than he expected. As in, enough to pay me back IN FULL for ALL of the stuff he owes me for. Enough to pay off his court fines from all of those ‘oopsies’ in his past. Enough to…well…really start fresh, debt free. It’s truly amazing.

So yeah, we LOVE AIG. And maybe their propensity for PAYING on claims is why they are bankrupt? Ack, I hope not because I must say it so damn refreshing to do business with an insurance company that actually DOES what it is supposed to do.

2 thoughts on “Why I love AIG

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  1. I am glad to hear at least one satisfied customer!

    I work for AIG, and no, the rank and file never got to go on those now-cancelled spa trips.

    Actually I am in one of the claims departments, and yes, we DO pay claims.


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