One more wish please….

…if it is not too much to ask?

I mean, the relieving of extreme financial stress worries has been granted.

I appreciate that the early year health scare for my dad turned out OK.

The Democrat winning the White House wish was granted.

The ‘something good please happen to get Music Man off on the right foot’ wish has been granted.

Then yesterday the ‘please get this dang non-profit status back for the baseball club thing’ just about came through as the largest hurdle was overcome. (Been working on that thing since last summer. Hours recreating tax forms. Phone calls to IRS and state officials constantly. This has been a cloud over the volunteer portion of my life for two years – and it’s going to be over and accomplished before the end of the year – HUGE relief!)

So tomorrow..please…dear universe that has been so generous the last half of this year just as things were looking kinda bleak….please…can SportsBoy’s team please win? I know it seems so trivial compared to the other things I was wishing for…but gosh in a 12 year old’s life it IS huge…and they’ve been dreaming of this since last year’s season ending loss.

Thank you.

2 thoughts on “One more wish please….

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  1. Hay, I think you’ve used up your allotment of wishes for quite a while. Of course if you were to abdicate credit for the dems in the White house and the abatement of the financial crisis, probably you could squeeze in a few more smaller wishes…I’m just sayin’


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