I can see clearly now

Earworm special. Everybody sing!

The procedure went perfectly. Now I get the fun of waiting for my brain to adjust to this monovision thing. As the doc said this morning at the follow-up exam, it’s like you took one contact out. Right now, the left eye seems to be the one struggling actually to establish itself. It feels more noticeably blurry right now. However, I can watch tv and see everything! Even the scrolling scores along the bottom of the screen on ESPN! That is so cool 🙂 Also, I am not having any pain or the feeling of sand in my eye. Once the valium and the one vicodin wore off, I felt fine. Haven’t even had to take ibuprofen. So now I spend my day putting all sorts of drops in my eye. I’m already an expert and I had never even done it before in my life!

Tomorrow I say goodbye to DS2 for 5 weeks. That should test the old tear ducts :->

I do finally feel recovered from last weekend. The multiple naps yesterday were a godsend. Laundry is done and even just finished putting it away. The downstairs of the house is finally clean after looking like bedlam for the past week. And I still have another day in the weekend. That is really very nice to savor.

SP will most likely leave for his one week in China sometime next week now. Which means I will have an entire week completely without responsibility for anyone. Reading pile, here I come!

2 thoughts on “I can see clearly now

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  1. So no more glasses, ever? WOW…now you can watch all those sub-titled movies I know you are dying to see, LOL. Glad you are feeling better.


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